How are you doing in recovery?

For those that have stopped hearing voices and having delusions, how easy has it been for you afterwards? I always thought there should be some sort of dx in the dsm like post psychosis disorder or something, because my life got pretty hard after I admitted some stuff and started question the things that are not real. Luckily I have been pretty stable mentally for the last year now. It took a long time though I have been voice free for about 5 years.

  • I got back to myself straight away
  • I had a lot of trouble getting my life back, but got there eventually
  • Still have not got back a sense of normalcy

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Some were out there I don’t care but in side I have a heartbeat that cares

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Improving but still have minor rough patches, triggers feel a little bit like speed bumps these days lol

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It wasn’t any trouble but it took me a long time to get to where I am now. Tried a lot of medications to get that right and got used to living without paranoia and things like racing thoughts. It’s a bit of work but I’m happy with my life and content with my mental and physical health.

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I don’t see an option for “still working toward it and doing ok”


My delusions are gone but I still hear voices. They don’t give me commands anymore. Recovery is a process that never really ends with this disease. You gain a little ground every day you go without a relapse and stick with your medicine.

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I’m getting worse. I can function but my mind is so fragmented I don’t know how I do it some days…

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Well I think if you are not there yet the normalcy option would be the best. It is just you are closer to the other option than not.

I would say I recovered for the most part. Some lingering negative symptoms but much improved with lots of effort and strategies.

One thing that’s hard is when you recover it’s like , oh now I have to live like a normal person and go get a good job etc. And that’s hard and challenging even for a normal person.

So lots of adjustments and persistence is needed to get to the next stage.

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In terms of the schizoaffective- minor, breakthrough,positive symptoms . As for negative symptoms that’s more difficult to say re separating what’s due to the sz-a or to the ASD.

I would say social functioning is very important, and for me a problem area… How much ASD or the sz-a negatively impacts on that I wouldn’t like to say.

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Fourth option. Still have huge holes and issues in my life, but symptom wise Im doing pretty good

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