How are you doing compared to someone with no mental health problems?

i am in pretty bad condition, mild lingering psychotic symptoms (voices are still quiet, other symptoms no where near as bad as initially, but still not thinking completely normal)
but depression and suicidal ideation off the charts some days.

i feel like its almost harder this way because ill want to treat it, then in less then a week i feel better somewhat and think well this is manageable, so i stop wanting to treat it (because of this i have never taken antidepressant for more than a few days.
less than a week later and i start feeling terrible again and regret not sticking with anything and regret throwing away meds and supplements thinking i was saving myself.
also anxiety is terrible but that may have something to do with the mild lingering psychosis symptoms

Age and intelligence matched = no comparison. People with no mental health problems are doing much better.

Well, I’d say compared to mentally normal people I’m far more anxious and paranoid and socially withdrawn and lack motivation that a normal person has. Also my house is not as clean and I shower less and brush my teeth less. And I talk to myself and the voices in my head a lot (although usually when I’m alone).

I don’t think it helps to compare ourselves to healthy ppl, we will keep feeling bad if we did.

Compared to a zen monk I’m doing pretty well. I think they strive not to have any earthly desires. I’ve lost the desire for most things.


I’m doing terrible compared to a normal person

IDK, I’m 59 and I’ve never run into anybody who doesn’t have mental health problems yet.


What he said. However, I hold my own against neurotypicals at work. I’ve got a rep as one of the better compliance people in my area because of my attention to detail in processing policies.

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I’m faring rather well now, compared to 3 years ago, but still below par. Lack of drive and focus still a big problem.

:rofl: Lol Zen Monk. Sounds about right.

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I’m doing pretty well, other than battling suicidal ideation and intrusive thoughts. Some days are better than others.

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