How ai could help rebuild the middle class

It’s something that people could use to understand certain things. Just like Google. But if we are to build skills we need to have some foundation else it is not much helpful.

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There are 3x areas that current Artificial Intelligence excels at:

  1. Timing from source depature to destination point. Basically the amount of time needed to get from point A to point B and re-calculate the time when route is adjusted. Think of GPS for cars or airplanes.

  2. Pattern recognition such as routine purchases, app usage during certain times and recognizing multiple photos of the same person.

  3. Anomolies, outliers and unusual events, actions or occurences from ordinary behaviour or routines. For example, an unusual credit card transaction that Artificial Intelligence considers an outlier or an anomolie like a big purchase or purchase in the middle of the night. A.I. will flag it and inform the customer/owner with alerts.

Asides from these 3x items A.I. is being used for. A.I. cannot compose a book, navigate city streets on its own or predict the next winning numbers of the lottery.

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