How about this kind of day tomorrow?

How about a day when we all act like we are not Sz? Most of you propably also were not Sz back then.

Going to the Trekcetera museum in Drumheller AB tomorrow. Then hiking Horseshoe Canyon and having a picnic lunch there. I’m just going to be me tomorrow and enjoy it.



Eh? Nooot tomorrow. Tomorrow my pdoc must catch me having a bad day or she gonna discharge me and I’ll have to ask for a rereferral when I have a bad day the following day. Argh.

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You mean it’s “Forget your Mental illness Day” tomorrow?
How on earth did I miss this?

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There’s not this kind of day I assume, but yeah, being a Sz every day starts to get on my nerves.
I want a break. Being Sz feels like drinking Coca Cola without carbon acids. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Enjoy the good days. Put up with and accept the bad ones.

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