How about dopamine agonism instead of antagonism for cognitive impairment in schizophrenia?

So far the approach has been to antagonize the dopamine receptors in antipsychotics.
How about agonizing the dopamine receptors?
Perhaps this will solve severe cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia?


There is a theory about agonizing dopamine receptors in the prefrontal cortex (mostly D1). So far it hasn’t translated into good medicine, but there’s hope.

it may be… but my problem is negative symptoms…i am waiting min 101 and sep 856…!!!

Ugh that’s what naltrexone is and it has had amazing results on my sza…

is it an anti psychotic …???

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No it’s a dopamine agonist. But it’s more essential than my antipsychotic. I went from 25 mg abilify. Then I started 50 mg naltrexone and now I’m on 10 mg abilify! I think I could go down to 5 mg. But still need SOME abilify.

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I’m not convinced it’s a dopaminergic agonist. All in all, I fail to see how it could be beneficial for Sz/SzA… but @Goyankees is the living proof that it does something good :slight_smile:


All I know is when I started taking it I had 12 years of suffering. Then my life has improved every day since. My anxiety, depression, psychosis, and alcoholism is no more. I feel indebted to this drug as long as it keeps workin.

I haven’t missed a day of naltrexone since December 2015