Housing benefits

hi, so i have been trying to work out how much benefits i could get for housing and i was pleasantly surprised,

basically what happened was i was looking at homes that were up for rent and i saw a really really nice home nearby, it had a garage and a lovely garden with patio and conservatory, it was 3 bedrooms and spacious, basically it was more than i thought i could be entitled to.

so i thought i may as well see if i’m eligible i mean whats the harm lol. so i went through the benefits calculator online and i said that i had 3 children 2 under 5 and a newborn and i was living with my partner who wasnt working and it said that i was eligible for it and more, it said i could get over £33000 a year for everything :slight_smile: i mean thats amazing and i could get this wonderful house as well (if i was offered it)

i never thought i could be eligible for anything like that.

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I hope you try for it and get it. You never know… good luck.

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it was purely hypothetical really,

i dont have 3 kids or a partner but if did i would qualify for that and that is something to look forward to.

i want to find someone and settle down and have a few kids with (hopefully)

so i was looking to the future and planning for that.

today i phoned the housing place and they gave me another 6 mths on my lease so woohoo :smile:
now i am hoping to get some carpets and a radiator for this place as it is cold but ts up to the landlord and dont think he will agree

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ur not eligable for it dreamer. ur a single man so therefor would not b entitled to that much housing benefit. they will only pay for single occupancy ie: a one bed house or flat. i think ur best bet of u want a garden is a maisonette. u can’t lie on the forms, because that’s fraud and u will get found out in the long run xxx

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thanks @jaynebeal i know what you mean, i would never claim for something unless i thought i was entitled to it, i was just wanted to find out what would happen if i had a partner and a few kids what i would be entitled to.

so i used the benefits calculator which is anonymous (you dont put in any of your own private details) and it was just something that i would like, purely hypothetical.

but right now i am in a temporary 1 bed flat and i am waiting for an offer for a permanent place (hopefully in a year) and i just got my lease for another 6 mths :slight_smile: and she sounded like i could get it for more later as well without losing out.

so i phoned my landlord and told him and asked if it was ok then i was talking to him about a boiler and things because the place is so cold but he said he didnt have the money so i phoned the housing and found out he could be entitled to a grant to cover the costs (a win win situation really) he would get a free central heating and i would be a bit warmer and save on bills.

i just hope it works out because i am freezing most of the time i have to lie with two covers over me and my feet still get cold.

and i am going to ask about carpets next because i can feel the cold coming through the cracks in the floor boards.


This is good news. I’m glad you’ve got some stability for the next 6 months. I hope you get a chance to breathe easy.

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Councils should make sure the vulnerable, ie severely mentally ill, have a stable roof of their heads. Unfortunately it’s not like that though.We spent 7 years in private lets/bed and breakfasts/caravan/and for a short while a tent before getting a temporary council place that eventually lead to a permanent place. Having a diagnosed severe mental illness counted for nothing. It was only when my wife got her 16 year old daughter back from care and we were all in a 9 by 6 caravan that anyone moved to get us on the path to somewhere permanent. Otherwise my wife and i would still have been moving from one dodgy landlord to another.

sounds to me like u should move anyway dreamer. why wait for a skinflint landlord to do the work when u could b in a nice warm flat owned by a proper landlord/lady.

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i wish i could move right now but i have to stay here in order to get a permanent house as i am in temporary accomodation,

last year i was made homeless but i was moved in to this temp place until i got a permanent place here so i havent actually been homeless i am just classed as homeless because i have nowhere else to go.

i have been lucky but you are right that the landlord doesnt want to spend any money on the flat even if i am cold, idk how i survived winter tbh i was lucky it was a fairly mild winter.

yeah i used to b in a house with no central heating. loved the house, hated the cold!