Housework and negative symptoms

Do you run into difficulties tidying & cleaning your home, related to SZ negative symptoms?

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Yes, definitely. My husband has to remind me that the toilet needs to be cleaned, or comments on how dusty the place is! Its rather embarrassing for me! :blush:

I keep up with washing dishes, changing bin liners keeping things tidy now and then
But I’m spoilt as my mum pays a cleaner to go in once a week

I am not sure about “negative symptoms” but housework is a major issue for me. I think in my case cognition comes into it, ie organising and planning( how to proceed with a task especially if it requires multiple steps to do). Just thinking about it can make me feel mentally overwhelmed and then avoidance mode kicks in.
I think the cognitive issues impact on the motivation.


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I have a hard time with the house work… I get overwhelmed quickly… I have a hard time staying on task…

My ADD kicks in and it’s hard for me to focus enough at times.

When I was in my worst negative symptoms… I didn’t worry about the house work… I could barely take care of myself.

Yes I do. I can’t seem to make myself do housework. So, my solution is to hire it out. I don’t know if this is “negative symptoms” or depression. I’m not sad at all. But, I get overwhelmed with the idea of housework. So, I don’t do it. I let someone else do it.

This was my youngest step daughter’s solution for me several years back. She arranged with a cleaning company to have someone come in. Unfortunately it didn’t work very well I had 2 different cleaners within the space of 5-6 weeks and then when the 2nd one left the cleaning agency were taking ages to send a replacement so I cancelled. The 2 I had (one quit because she wasn’t making enough money and the other to do office cleaning) made it clear they didn’t like coming to the flats and were iffy about cleaning for a mentally ill as opposed to physically disabled person.

A few years ago I tried for self directed support with the main priority being a cleaner but it fell through.
Social worker cancelled the claim as due to disability benefits and weekly income I’d have had to finance the support package myself. If I could have guaranteed a successful transfer from DLA to PIP I could have afforded the £90 p/w that was assessed to cover my needs, but the reality was it was, and still is, up in the air as to whether I’ll qualify for PIP.

Yes I have daily things to do, today washed cover for couch, then the wash machine started trembling and thundering.

Tried to fix window in cieling wont open with remote control, no luck yet, plus needs vacuming has spider webs in it.

want to vacume but niece is watching somthing on tv wont disturb her.

My negative symptoms make me procrastinate and focus on negative things such a pain when there always is somthing to be done.

Yes, I guess I am indeed very blessed. I hire my niece to clean my place for me. She loves cleaning and she would do it for her beloved aunt for free but I insist on paying her. And believe me, she can use the money.

With such an username you can only be happy : positive thoughts!!!

I’m in a very shitty situation for what concerns housework. Hasn’t been always the case : just since a depressive episode/unemployment period. Need real help, not rotten solution.