Household problems

Here where I’m at I am not in a good situation. Because of how things have become I’ve resorted to locking both my doors to keep people out. Now I just stay in here for the sake of keeping a level head until I can get back to my therapist to discuss treatment options.

sounds awful Peavy. I hope you and your pdoc can “free you again”.

How long since you spoken to anyone? Just keep an eye on it although the tdoc appt is really good. As often symptoms flair the more isolated we are.

I last talk to my therapist a week ago. I have yet to talk to the psychiatrist.
School is asking too much of me right now so I’m in a bad situation.

Reach out more. Things like counselling lines are open 24/7 cheap and always a great place to vent. I’m better on the phone then anywhere else and couldn’t of got as far as have without them.

I have awful phone anxiety, I can hardly pick up a phone without shaking badly.

It’s really only an option. They are also trained to help you open up if that’s a worry for you.

I just don’t like talking on phones, or having a phone in general. They help spike paranoia, anxiety, all that.
I do talk with friends however, just not via phone.

Maybe write your feelings down. You can have a conversation of sorts with yourself. Try to write for yourself as the audience.

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When is your next therapist appointment? Do you know when you will be seeing the psychiatrist? I’m sorry you are currently caught in between seeking treatment and getting treatment. Perhaps the friends that you are talking to could help in some way. Are they aware that you are seeking treatment? Maybe educating them on things that can help you could help you to not isolate as much.

I go back to the therapist on the 30th, I see my psychiatrist in February.

Also, on a side note I’m wondering if anyone else has this:
During very anxious, panicky, or sudden symptomatic times my hand will really begin to freak out. It will clinch closed, open, close, maybe flip a time or two, and the fingers will lock up at the joint while trying to bend. Only way to stop it is to force my hand closed, which can hurt if I do it when the joints lock up.

Anyone else get this?