🏡 Welcome to the far_cry0 small cottage


Have u had chapati before…!!


No I don’t think so


Its a kind of asian food … do u like chicken tikka…?? Tandoori…


Yup make both of them on occasion


Okay … they are very tasty…!!!


Finally I got the cable for my netbook, holy cow…

How are you @far_cry0, what did you eat today? :slight_smile:


I ate chapati and milk today…i will have pasta tomorrow… what are u doing tomorrow…




Nothing, today I went to the day treatment, it is very nice there you could even stay there for the lunch for free!
On Wednesday they’ll make a trip in the mountains but I can’t go now, but when my grandmother will pass I’m going to live there holy cow… :slight_smile:

How are you Sir @TheBest of @TheBest?


I’m doing amazing. About to mail a video game through ebay. :sunglasses:


Holy cow, did you become president of the US?


I either have mental clarity or delusions. Hopefully CBT will get rid of the delusions. I’m asking my doctor tomorrow about it.


Hey @TheBest are you watching the football later?


I think a game comes on in an hour and a half. Will probably turn it on. I think West Ham vs. Stoke City comes on.


I don’t think CBT can fix delusions, but yes the less you focus on them the better… :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s the match. I am going to watch it!


I just need to talk about the delusions with someone.

Is there anything on the line for the game. Maybe the standings?


Does anyone know if CBT is a once a month thing or a once a week thing. I have no clue.


When I did it it was more like a once a week thing…


Oh wow. I don’t know if I have that much stuff to talk about.