🏡 Welcome to the far_cry0 small cottage


What’s wrong?..


He just pushes and pushes me to do stuff and atm I just can’t. He expects perfection and so I cry and says I’m manipulating him to be lazy. ■■■■■■■ A


Sorry didn’t mean to lose cool,but damn he’s like ice


Yeah there’s lots of stuff I don’t want to do because of mental illness. Really I don’t want to do much.


It’s so hard and sometimes I just cant


I go out of my way to do nothing. When I was forced to go to a group I felt like I might lash out. Doing nothing is all I have.


It sux being sick. I’m not lazy


Like @far_cry0 keeps saying maybe the newer meds will help. Who knows.


Ah well I’ll get my ■■■■ together and accomplish more today cuz I hate feeling this way


nah, I’ll never be want he wants me to be. I’ll never be the girl he used to know


If he’s forcing you to do something he’s wrong. You have the right to say no.


But he does love me I know…sigh


I know and ticks him off,but ah, well. My health is number 1


He should want you to be comfortable.


We spend little time together. Maybe that’s for the best. I’ll try to make more so for my sanity


Ty for listening sorry


Your welcome. I hope it gets better.


You’re a good friend🤗




Play any warcraft lately?