🏡 Welcome to the far_cry0 small cottage


Lukaku and Sanchez are solid. Pogba has been coming on as of late. I think they are headed in the right direction.


What do you think Man U needs most @anon20613941?


It’s a boring Sunday. Just sitting here watching TV. I need to go clean my moms house. Don’t have no motivation. It’s only 45 F here today. It was really nice yesterday. It was like 70. Illinois weather is crazy. Well, I guess it could be worse. We could have snow. Lol


I’ve been in Illinois for the summer. I’m glad I’ve never been there for the winter.


I’d like to move to Florida or Arizona.


Florida is great. I lived in the northern part and the worst part about winter is a bit of frost. Summer wasn’t that bad. Great place.


Everything is fine. You?


Everything is great. Delusions aren’t that bad. Going to try cognitive behavioral therapy to see if I can do away with them for good.


Dude. @far_cry0 I’m selling Fifa 18. I played it for month and now I’m done with it.


Okay if u are done with it… u can sell it…!!! Put it on ebay…???


I did. I’m selling it for under $23. I bought it for around $37.


Okay thats a nice move…!!! Have u again applied for the job…


Really all I can do right now is wash dishes. There’s nothing close to me where I can do that.


U tried atleast…!!!


Glad you’re better🤗


Lifted weights, went grocery shopping made lunch. Chillin atm


What did you make for lunch?


@anon20613941 are you going to watch Saracens vs. Bath?

@far_cry0 does working bother you at all? Not sure how your situation is with your parents anymore.


Hey just trying to simmer down…things aren’t good here atm


He ■■■■■■■ can’t understand I am sick!