Hot weather and meds.........?

forgot my meds this morning and went to work mowing the fields and at 10 the heat got to me and I came in and rested and then toke my meds, haven’t fully recovered from the heat, 100 plus weather is dangerous. so I hope you all are doing it safe.

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I had heat exhaustion yesterday after working in my garden. It wasn’t even that hot - heat index at about 90 - but I’m on three different medications that make heat more of an issue. We have to be careful!

I have to be very careful with hot weather. I get real shaky and dizzy if I’m overheated…onetime we were going out to eat and it was extremely hot our car had a flat tire and standing out in the sun while they repaired it onsite I overheated. The place we ate was a smogous board pizza place (they lay out all the food they make and you take what you want) and by the time I sat down I was shaking so bad I almost dropped my plate.Since then I try to be real careful spending any time out in the heat…not to mention it makes me nauseous sometimes

Yea i function like crap in the heat… Well the humidity of the south is terrible…i miss the 0 humidity of the desert …

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