Hot springs

Has anybody been to a hot spring before?


Yes I have!
Are you thinking about going to one?

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Was in the hot springs years ago up in the mountains

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Someday if we go on vacation near one.

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Yes when I was younger, they make you feel really relaxed and healthy, it’s best when its snowing out :snowflake:


Yes a few times when I was younger

Yes I’ve been to a few there awesome!

Funny story.
Once me and my bro and couple friends went camping where there were these hot springs.

There basically hotsprings piped to hottubs.
We walked to check them out and these 2 ladies saw us and they waved.

We left, and came back an hour later. Went and hopped into a hottub of our own. The ladies spotted us and came to hop in. They were pretty drunk.
One the ladies was tryin to grab ma nether regions so I kept moving out of the way lol.

They asked if we were single and only my brother was single.

So they moved on to my bro, I think they were topless. They looked at my bro and said “well guess what were gonna ■■■■ the daylights out of you tonight” LOL these ladies were aggressive! My brother was like no freaking way lol he was terrified. I think one was naked too lol

We were laughing so hard.

So I got up and left and went back to the campsite to the fire. Then my bros friends were dumb enough to bring them back to our fire , one of the ladies almost fell in the fire and cut up her knee lol.

Then I cranked heavy metal music so they would leave :rofl:

Good times at the hotsprings!

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