Hot and fresh, BAD (and weird) ADVICE

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Will she answer with weird or bad advice? Who knows?


All my relationships were a bit of a mess. Who do I blame for that ?

i have a ingrown toe nail and my toe is purple and swollen on one side and in pain, should i go to the doctor or what? need advice

Their parents. Someone didn’t get raised rightso pass the blame @everhopeful


Should I take the blue or the red pill and what if I skip the pill?

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@cigarino see a chiropractor for adjusting


@MisterCrowley take pepto instead.

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I am a man and developed anxiety towards my penis. What should I do?

@Dunno2 trade it for something less stressful. Try keeping your hands busy, crochet or paint. Or buy a flashy car. Many men use those for penis replacement.


Penis transplants are hugely successful with modern science. :crazy_face:

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Last night,

In a hurry,

I cut my bangs too short.

Should I go get them corrected professionally,

Or just rock this Bettie Page look?

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I’m afraid I’ll get nosebleeds if I keep picking my nose. What do?

How do I turn on my TV ?

@goldenrex Rock it. Don’t forget to shave your eyebrows and draw on new ones


@nova Dig deeper, but in someone else’s nose.

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@Mr.Dre yell at it

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Monster hunter world expansion comes out at midnight tonight. Should I stay up to play it or go to bed early and get up at 5am to play it ?

@Qwerty - go to bed now and get up at midnight and play to 5 am. Then nap til 9 or 10 and play again.

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I dogged deep in my nose and couldn’t find anything, what I am doing wrong?

You stuck a dog up there instead of a finger.