Hostility toward schizos and predatorials

In last year, I’ve seen bad increase in hostility toward schizos plus HUGE increase in predatorial behavior allowed toward females in some communities.

I’ve been run off from 3+ moves this years by HOSTILES shows of hatred toward schizos and some towns doing WHORE business with support from cops, including groups of local males forcing their wives to swing. I investigated 3+ communities only to be forced out of home purchase by local mental abuser and predator activity being used to harm new female residents and forced relationships, or just run off new property buyers.

Also seen HUGE increase in schizos screwed out of housing by case management, housing discrimination and management support of mistreating schizo tenants. Plus increase in workplace discrimination to displace females so they can be victimized by the community’s predators. Unemployment is usually denied to victims to force relationships.

Really suggest you move to house of relatives if you are displaced, do not try to move to place where you know no one. Would not move alone.

If you have any stories to share, I am collecting stories to file a formal complaint.