Hostility at work today

So today when I worked I got hostility from two of my colleagues which is not usual. I don’t know why, and I’m not good at getting back at people. I’m kind of allergic to negative enivronments. I just got angry. They could probably fry a egg on my skin. I’m more likely to get mental health problems than being able to do anything about it though.

I wonder how my next day at work will be…at least I have the weekend off to get in balance.


What exactly happened?get well soon by the way.

Nothing really. Just got a couple of snappy comments from two different people, and I hadn’t even talked to them before that day. Maybe they had a bad day and it’s the domino effect, they let their emotions pass on to others instead of containing it. Or maybe they are mad at me for something I did at some earlier occasion, although I have no idea what that would be.

Anyways, I will see how it is on monday. I don’t usually rant about stuff like this by the way, but I often get breakdowns when I am faced with opposition, especially at work. So I thought it would do me some good to talk about it, and maybe I can avoid getting a mental breakdown. It’s like I get out of equelibrium and I’m not able to think rationally. Although I think it’s starting to get a little better now.


My collagues and and my chief sometimes hostile me also.yesterday my chief throw my umbrella to the ground and said " how many times i will say this will not putted in here ".well i have been humiliated many times just because of i m sick and stupid.but nowadays people much more civilise in turkey.20 years ago this place like doom for disable and stupid people like me

I’m sad to hear about old times, but good things have gotten better. You are not stupid. We are just people that have to live life on different terms than healthy people. The main thing is to do our best under the circumstances I guess, at least then we can respect ourselves.

I am lucky to live in a country where there is not a lot of stigma around mental disorders. It seems more and more people suffer from mental disorders, it’s a growing problem. Unfortunatly it is starting to get somewhat common to have a mental disorder, but good in the sense that there is more openness about it and more understanding.


Glad to hear it’s getting better for you, problems at work aren’t any fun.


I stayed angry for abnormally long. Like from friday afternoon and the whole next day. I have mixed emotions about it.

On one side it was good to experience emotions, even if they were negative, that makes me think I might experience strong positive emotions as well, but also I recognized that anger feeling from the first time I went into psychosis. But the problem then was that I didn’t stay away from work. I was too proud to get away even though the conflict was at work. This time I intend to stay away from work until this passes.

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