Hospitalization or sleep

Is it okay to go to the hospital for a “rest” and just to feel safe?

If you are not sleeping at all you can have your psychosis intensify. However it would probably save the system a lot of money if another place could be found where you are able to sleep if it’s something other than your illness or misuse of drugs causing it.

I’m sleeping plenty. It’s just my symptoms coming back that freaking me out. I have health insurance through my parents so they do not care about the cost.

If the symptoms are back then you could honestly say so and you wouldn’t be coming in for just a rest. Saying you just need a rest or to feel safe implies that the illness is something you can live with. When you can’t or in danger of relapsing is when you go to the hospital and it sounds like you are in danger of a relapse my friend.

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Hospital isn’t a holiday camp, although people sometimes treat it as such!

Have you thought about booking yourself into a quiet hotel with a pool?

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