Hospital stay and med changes

I was (involuntarily) hospitalized for a week. I guess I got more out of it than I expected so I shouldn’t complain. The first day was just traumatic. My roommate was nice.
Now I’m on perphenazine, geodon, and topamax along with my other as needed meds and allergy and bp meds (which I think I need to cut back, my normal bp has been 95/60 +-).

But that’s that.

Anyone have experience with topamax? It’s 50 mg 2x a day but I can’t remember if he said I should just take it together or separately. I’m hoping it’ll help a bit with weight loss among other things.


sorry to hear you were hospitalized for a week. I’m glad you got out again.

I take 200mg of topamax twice a day, you take it separate, once in the morning and once at night. You might have to go up a bit if you want it to help with weight loss.

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