Hospital medications vs. what my insurance will help pay for on the outside

When I went into the hospital in march I almost went to the ER but they said if I went to the ER I wouldn’t be able to get abilify because it’s too expensive. So I went to a little bit nicer place, still a public hospital, but it was a little nicer and they gave me abilify. But then I noticed all the people in the hospital got thorazine, haldol, risperdal, zyprexa, and some clozaril (i imagine clozaril is expensive, but some ppl really need it)…But all the medications they gave in the hospital were cheap. I think it’s $3.30 for my monthly script of abilify outside the hospital covered by medicare. But I think there’s a big push for the cheaper meds inside the hospitals. Is this true or am I looking too far into things??? I tend to think abilify, geodon, latuda, seroquel, a few others are the most effective with least side-effects meds on AVERAGE (yes everybody is different but this is typically the case), but they’re probably more expensive. Well maybe they gave seroquel in the hospital but not the geodon, latuda and abilify. Because they’re more expensive meds. True or not?

I take Geodon. They have always given it to me in the hospital. Geodon isn’t new. It has generics. Latuda is really expensive. I have never taken Abilify.

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TBT I don’t know a lot about Geodon other than I’ve heard great things but never met a person IRL who was on it. I believe it’s under-prescribed from what I hear. Never tried it though.

Only tried latuda for a day or two…my doc gave me a free sample and I took it in conjunction with abilify and the combo made me psychotic. I don’t know what he was thinking giving me latuda on top of abilify. They’re both activating I think?