Hospital bound

My friend is taking me to the hospital because I’m delusional and I can’t get out of my car because I think people will try and kill me. I’m not crazy right… Anyways, wish me luck

Good luck! :sunny:

Sounds like the right place for you to be in this moment.

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I hope you feel more stable soon. No one is trying to kill you. Keep us updated.


Well about to be admitted. Took long enough. Hopefully a few days in the ward will help. Maybe get on a higher dose of meds…


I wish you good luck, I hope you get better.

Good luck! Feel better soon!

Yes, good luck with going to the Hospital.
Sometimes it becomes necessary to stay in a Hopital for a while.

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Good luck. I know it’s probably futile to say but no one is trying to kill you. It’s a delusion. Take good care and keep us posted.

Thanks for the support guys. I’m back on a level head

Glad to hear it! Feels good to be free of paranoia.