Horse and carriage

One day, a horse pulling a carriage thinks to himself “I am king, I control the carriage and take it where I want.” The carriage, after years of employment, thinks to itself “I am king, I have my own personal slave that takes me to interesting places.” The man who built the carriage and raised the horse from a foal thought to himself “I am king, I rule over animal and machine. They do my bidding.”

After all the years of service the two gave the man, his hand was forced as he hacked away the carriage for firewood and slaughtered the horse for food in a time of drought and famine. If Mother Nature could laugh, she would be the last to do so as nobody is king and we are all slaves to our environment.

Isn’t the king still a king though? So he won, right?

I look at this and see someone who didn’t save for bad times during good times. Idiot.

Pretty dark for so early in the morning,

But I liked it.

Would have liked it more if the horse ate the guy,

Still a solid fable.