Horrible to say (kind of a vent)

I feel bad saying this but man when my step son is here, I’m in such a worse mood. Way more agitated… and just wanna go to bed as soon as possible… I love the kid, don’t get me wrong but he will purposely be annoying and obnoxious just for the fun of annoying us. Doesn’t help that he’s doing distance learning… it’s stressful.
I wish his dad was here, he actually listens then…
Okay, end of rant.


You’re human and so is the kid, that means you’re both not perfect.

Its ok to vent bud. Insert joke.

Also because you vented, I’m calling you sus, and I’m about to press the button, you better tell us your pathing or you’re going to go in the airlock.

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I got it similiar, dam, do i love kids. I really try to earn respect instead of demanding it. It would be so much easier. But i remember authorian education and i couldn’t count 1x1 cause i was so scared. I am more laisesfair.( i forgot how to spell it) but it means something like antiauthorian.

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Yeah I def try not to be too demanding of the kid but jeeze, if I’m nice about it he just doesn’t listen… smh.

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Do you have step kids??

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Some kids hero is dennis the menaces.

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True that… thank goodness I don’t think he has seen that

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So far he is not depressed surfing the internet. He is really bright, dam, i know drinking alcohol and children is abuse. I don’t have children, but i am uncle and adopted grandchildren.

I tell you a story. We went to the park, and the kid said, i don’t like it walking here, i made him aware of all the detailing in the park and how much work it is to keep it nice. At least he appreciated it, but still didn’t liked it.

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how you feel is entirely valid, understandable, and relatable.

when dealing with children or teenagers who push buttons for entertainment, i try to be open about my emotions in a non manipulative way. everyone’s tact is different, so i cant exactly recommend a specific wording. ive said in the past to kids, “hey, i know youre having a lot of fun with this, but its worrying/stressing me that [insert how its harmful]. is there another thing you want to do instead?” *your and their emotions matter and deserve the equitable attention to solve apparent or unapparent distress

being emotionally honest with people is a great way to solve problems in my experience. unless they demonize emotions, then its not a you problem.

some kids will learn late to respect ‘no’ because it wasnt a boundary that was respected for them in their own childhood from their parents (among other reasons, too). at some point, i stopped viewing children and adults as different, were all people in a process of growth; treat people how you want to be treated by putting yourself in their shoes and find the best way to approach it. not sure if any of this helps, but i hope it does

edit: *additional comment

thanks to the ideas of dennis the menace , i put a thumbtack on someones doorbell and the kid rang it when i was in gr7 . I had to appologize to them with my dad. my dad was not impressed lol.
my dad said I probably took 10 years off there life with my growing up lol.

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I think children in general can be draining. I love my nieces and see them for a few hours a week (before covid hit anyway).

But I’m WASTED by the time they leave. And they’re well behaved.