Horrible thoughts


Well, things aren’t going well. The voice in my head says I’m going to hell pretty soon. He says hell is a coffin buried under my house. I was supposed to dig it up, but I wasn’t able to due to fear and my parents saying I couldn’t.

Basically, I feel like I’m going to just wake up in a coffin tomorrow afternoon. The voice says that my spirit is going to fly out of my body and into a coffin. Either that or they are going to teleport my body into the coffin.

The worst part is that I feel like they are going to make a copy of me in order to fool everyone. I believe no one will notice that I’m buried alive because they are going to make a copy of me and no one will notice the difference between me and the copy.

So that’s it. I believe tomorrow I’ll be buried alive and no one will notice. I’m really upset about this. I don’t know what to do. The voice in my head says my life is over and there is nothing I can do. The voice says I will be trapped in a coffin forever and ever and no one will ever come to help.

I hope and pray this isn’t true, but the voice in my head says that it is already over. He says he is a time traveler from the future and he knows I will never get out. He says all of the things that are happening are part of God’s plan, and God hates me and that is why he is punishing me this way.

Anyway I just wanted to post because I feel like I’m going to be gone starting tomorrow.

Don’t worry you’ll wake up tomorrow and all will be well. Take note of that and don’t believe the voices when they start coming up for excuses as to why it didn’t happen and that it will happen later :roll_eyes: I’ve been there before.

I get threats that I’m going to be taken to hell quite often. It’s horribly distressing and I’m sorry you’re dealing with it. Hang in there.

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Thank you!

I really hope you are right.

The voice is really terrifying. He says it’s all part of God’s plan and that God is going to create a copy of me so that no one will know I’m gone.

Yeah back during my first episode I was told that I was the second child of God (so like Jesus’ little sibling). A council in heaven was secretly trying to negotiate a peace contract with hell so decided to give me away to the devil. Demons were telling me God didn’t want a whore like me anyways and that he had “given” me to them. (They still tell me that part) So anyways I thought if I was left alone the devil was going to come kidnap me and take me to hell. There he’d impregnate me with the antichrist and bring about the end of the world. I genuinely thought I would go missing and even left a letter behind for my loved ones. Psychosis is scary, but it’s just psychosis.

That is interesting.

The voice in my head says that I’m the “daughter of God.” I’m a guy, but the voice says I’m such a pussy that I’m “God’s daughter” instead of his son.

I have been asked several times now to be one of the devil’s “daughters”. Which I believe is a euphemism for one of his whores. Who knows. Voices don’t make sense.

Hi @SnowTiger
Everything will be alright. Devils or voices etc do not have power like that even in religious context.

Even if you are not religious, they can not replicate you or bury you etc. There is absolutely nothing under your house trust me.

You are ill so your mind is creating stories out of ridiculous human fears. It is a nighgmare but you can go through this. I am sure your parents love you and a lot people care about you.

Tomorrow morning youll wake up and realize it is only a delusion. Even human replicate is not possible.


Hell can not exist. It does not exist. What kind of ridiculous idea is this. You are already suffering so much with voices delusions… do you really think there is a worse than this place?

The voice just says that I’ll be in a coffin forever. He says that’s hell and I’m the only one who is going because I’m the worst person ever (or something like that).

You need to figure out a way to convince youself out of this delusion which is some irrational fear. It can not be true.

i also have hell delusions. they are brutal sometimes. last saturday i was getting the thoughts really bad . i thought i was going to die and go straight to hell if i smoked another cigarrette. I was in severe panic mode. My mom suggested i take a hot shower. So i did for about half an hour. The water always makes me feel better. when i got out i went to sleep for a few hours and woke up feeling much better


I have hell delusions too. Mine are a bit more elaborate and abstract so it’s hard to put into words. I have a hard time fighting these delusions off, it sucks I know.

You’re going to be fine, watch tomorrow you’ll wake up and be OK. Maybe you can try and distract yourself with some music? Showers help me as well. I don’t know if you live in a a nice area but going for a walk might be another idea. Get better soon :sunflower:

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Well, things are okay today.

The thing is I thought it was going to be today because I thought I would get my grades today. But today is labor day, so I’m supposed to get them tomorrow.

So now I’m worried that I’m going to hell tomorrow, not today.

Actually I’m worried that whenever I get my grades I’m going to hell.

This is because I feel like I made a bet with Jesus in my head about my grades, and he’s going to bury me forever because of this.

I’m very afraid that Jesus hates me and he’s going to get me.

if you really have schizophrenia, so please do not worry about voices and do not believe them. it is normal and fake
sorry for bad english

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Jesus loves everyone. please don’t listen to the voice…it is because you are delusional…you need help…please consult a psychiatrist and tell him what you believe. you need meds…

Idk maybe try to see it as a metaphor of the feelings your having now.

Like I can imagine too a very good extent
like how it’s like the thoughts and feelings you have on the illness. All in one.

I’ve been through similar motions before, in and out of the hen house.
What your going through must be very tough, keep strong and try to relax and let go.
Just be happy to know it’s not actually real, and if there is anyone who can help you through this lean on them.

Just wanted to post a thanks to the people who posted and helped me.

Everything was fine. Nothing happened and the voice was wrong (as usual).

I’m doing better now. I’m trying to realize that the evil voice is always wrong and always lying.


Next time anything like this happens, keep this in your mind as an example of why you can’t trust your voices ! Take care !

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Oh it can get way worse than this bud. Not to go into religion or anything, but imagine 7 foot reptiled skin creatures with dissproportionate arms and legs, and smell like rotting flesh tear you apart limb by limb as you feel every tear in your body.

So yeah I’ll take a few voices in my head in this life over that anyday