Horrible nightmare, changed my life

I am gathering my wits after a horrifying nightmare…I blame it on having chocolate milk before bed. The reason it changed my life is because I was stabbed in my nightmare by some of my best friends…I was in a mansion I was supposed to be taking care of for my mother while she was gone on vacation and my friend called me and asked if they could come over. I let them come over and then they wrecked this beautiful mansion, smashing birthday cakes, setting fire to things and stealing as much as they could load…I tried to stop them and they stabbed me…they were all shooting heroin before the rampage started…not because I allowed them to they just did it…anyways…lately I have been buying a little bit of weed here and there and now I know that this dream is God’s way of showing me to stay away from weed. May sound funny but I believe it…it’s been harder and harder to get the weed and they have been blowing me off…anyways…the first thoughts I had after the dream was how awful the world is…somebody probably experienced what I did in real life and that is scary. So much pain in the world. I don’t want to be a part of the illegal side of town anymore…


I dont like nightmare too…!!!

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I’ve felt the same way before, I’ve had dreams about drugs that have gone very wrong and they happened at times where I was tempted by them and afterwards I would always be scared out of it as though it were a warning.

Don’t do tha weed. Brings out the scary for those w psychosis.

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It sounds like a powerful dream. Good for you that you are taking the message.

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