How come Horoscopes are most always positive? How come they never say…

“You are a loser who needs to save up just to be broke!”

Eh? Huh??

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Perhaps it’s because negative things happen in ALL people’s lives. It is basically inevitable and how the world goes round. But if we focused on those negative things, all it does is stress us out more and weighs down our spirit, so it would do more harm than good. But there is a silver lining by focusing on the positive and “what could be”, as each and ever day has potential for change. Plus…what is a loser anyway? I personally don’t use that word in my vocabulary. Sure, my life sucks major compared to how it used to be and I can sometimes barely afford to take care of my dogs. But I know who I really am, even if my sickness has me in a straitjacket and a mental prison.

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A loser is a winner waiting to happen. It’s the strength we gain through adversity which propels us to greater heights.


They tend to tell you what your sign means, don’t they?

finding your strengths before weaknesses.

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LOL - That’s awesome!! It’s literally the best definition I’ve ever read for that term! It literally brought a huge smile to my face as I read it.:grin:

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