Hoping to get one abilify

Will this help with my depression?
I am so depressed and feel like dying

Abilify has antidepressant qualities. In fact 5mg is approved as an addon to an antidepressant.

10mg is the minimum dose for schizophrenia though.

It helped me quite a bit, i’m on 10 mg plus two AD’s.

I have very few sideeffects

I’m on abilify and an anti depressant.

I was hoping to take the lamictal Im already on with a small dose of abilify
With 5htp and magnesium lthreonate
And daily essential nutrients with sarcosine
I hope this will be the cherry on the cake along with lions mane …
Wish me luck…

Let’s see how this works
Fingers crossed!

I might have health insurance by tommoro
Since ssi is finally asking medical to change the address

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