Hope this isn't promoting religion, it's just a true story

We were pretty good Catholics, the kids and me, loved us some great Christian rock too, but one Sunday, at Mass, here at St. Joe’s the deacon Mike who Baptized my babies, gave a sermon that said, There are too many lawsuits in this world. For years, I never went back, switched churches. Sheri, that school and church owes you money. and that’s just hitting the surface. if I’m dead tomorrow, my family can still get the money, but not with that attitude, they won’t.

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I agree that there are too many lawsuits in this world. Especially in this money grubbing U.S.

thanks for your opinion.

didn’t Hamlet avenge his father’s death?

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didnt she in True Grit?

I agree that are too many frivolous lawsuits but that shouldn’t stop you from filing a valid one. It’s not your fault if there are money grubbing people. I’ve bypassed several lawsuits in my life because I couldn’t deal with the stress of going to court. Crap I need to go to court to fix my name legally and I keep putting it off because it stresses me out even something so simple.

I understand, and this might get locked or deleted but, rally behind me now,

Free Sheri! a woman wrongfully blacklisted in rural America.

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