Hope I'm not in trouble

My parents always tell me when it gets too crazy in the apartment that I should leave and take a walk. So it was 12:30 am this morning and it started. So I left. I took a lap around my complex and ended up in our library. It’s a medium size room with 5 computers that any resident can use any time of day or night. And of course a selection of books. It has some tables and chairs and a couch. So it’s 1:00 am and I am the only one in there and I’m slouched on a couch just trying to clear my mind and relax and get some space. Well, I guess I fell asleep. I’m not sure how long I was asleep. Next thing I know I’m awake and a figure is at the door coming at me. I snapped. It happened so fast that I don’t know what happened. I shouted at the figure, " I’ll kill you’"! and I jumped up and started towards it. I didn’t even think, I was just scared and I reacted. A second later I recognized a women who I know by sight. I think she has schizophrenia.She had a job a couple years ago but she decompensated and got fired and her hygeine went to hell. I have nothing against her but she lived on my floor and the elevator would reek for an hour after she used it. I don’t even know if I scared her. I just mumbled, “Sorry” and left. Now I’m home and it dawned on me that she might complain to management. I hope not. I was just scared.

I hope things get better for you Nick - Believe me, I have had quite a few down days lately - I cannot wait to talk to my pdoc over the phone today

That reminded me of the times I woke up after passing out the night before from drinking wondering what I might have done that I didn’t remember. So I tell myself… “well, at least I’m not in jail” so it couldn’t have gone too badly.

Perhaps if you know where she lives you can tell her you were scared or even if you have more courage to tell her you were sleeping? So she doesn’t complain to the manager. Hope everything goes well, accidents like that happen all the time, my day hasn’t been good, either.

Wave, if you need to talk to someone except your doctor, you can pm me, maybe we find a solution to what’s torturing you, you seem like a very nice person…

I don’t think you’ll be in trouble. She most likely won’t go through the trouble of reporting it.

You were asleep and woke up a bit startled. It happens to a lot of people.

I hope you feel better. I hate that feeling like I’m in trouble. It often turns out… the situation I’m fretting about the most no one else even thinks about. I find when I’m really worried about something like this… no one said anything and I’m worrying for no reason.

Hope you feel better soon and can relax.

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Oh boy. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Nick.


people will understand don’t even talk to me before my morning coffee or three LOL

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