Hoot Mon The Rastafarian Owl Buddy

Here is Hoot Mon :slight_smile: he is Scottys Rasta Owl Buddy :slight_smile: i dont have him animated yet but i plan on bringing him into my projects :slight_smile:


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Oh my God frickin awesome I love rastafarian owls!

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Years ago I created a cartoon called, “Cold Shoulder”.

The main character was a lonely bearded 20 something named Cliff. His sidekick was a parrot named Chip.

(as in ‘chip on your shoulder’)

The sarcastic bird was his conscience, and he and the bird only spoke to each other. It was to be a 3-4 panel cartoon.


Cliff: (standing in front of mirror) “Did you ever look at yourself and ask, Who am I?”

Chip: (standing between his legs, looking up) "Did you ever consider trimming your nose hairs?

Funny shtuff like that. I wrote about 30 skits. They’re buried in a closet somewhere in a black garbage bag.

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Maybe have the Owl perched on Scotty’s shoulder?

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He might become Scottys band manager or maybe hell be in the band

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This could be real fun!..

Owl: “So, Scotty. Tell me. What’s underneath your kilt?”

Scotty: “Your wife’s lipstick.”

(rim shot)


lol. i aim at kid friendly bro :slight_smile:

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Now that’s just weird yo!

Here is a modified character i can use. He was originally blue and had no hat…

I call him Red and i think he should be the drummer


And im thinking this guy needs a do rag and he’ll be ready as the sound tech :slight_smile:


Not sure…


Love this huck made me laugh

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