Honey and Schizophrenia

I was thinking about how I ingest large amounts of sugar, such as sugary drinks, snacks and food and was wondering why since I’ve been diagnosed that it’s been happening. It’s easy to blame it on the medication, but I wondered if there’s something more to it.

When some people do drugs they will consume sugary substances to lighten the trip or bring them back down a bit. If you think of schizophrenia as like a massive trip, then maybe sugar can help stabilize people who have schizophrenia as well?

Too much sugar is bad for you because it brings up your GI levels. However, I used to be pretty big into natural foods and honey doesn’t affect your GI level as much and from what I remember it may actually help to stabilize it. Don’t quote me on that though.

So just throwing it out there, but what if ingesting honey daily could help with schizophrenia? Before you get any ideas, it’s just a suggestion, and I don’t know whether honey everyday is good or bad and what dose would be required. But just some food… or honey for thought. (bad joke I know hah…)


I think I crave the energy boost more than before AP’S because they kinda mellow me out and zap my energy. Think that’s why I have weight gain. I try to avoid sugar because of this. Also I can’t stop myself and end up over doing it and crashing. I think honey has to be better but if your buying honey that says filtered it’s full of corn syrup and is not real Wich is why it’s cheaper and more available.

Dopamine-ergic release based on sugar. It’s especially appealing to the mind/body in the face of anti-psychotics which, by and large, reduce absorb-ability of dopamine.

Sugar is not a good source of long-term energy. Honestly fats, carbohydrates, and straight-up proteins are better foundations for a metabolism based on the need for pro-longed energy.

Sugar allows the chemistry of the body to adjust to rapidly burning sugar and almost nothing else do to self-medication triggered by cravings. Leading to weight gain, lethargy, depression, and a downward spiral of falling more into the trend.

Sugar is known to be addictive. It’s gross to see so many who prefer sweats to real food. Real food will make you feel better in the long run.

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Too much sugar is bad for you especially refined sugar. Carbohydrates however are still necessary for your body to function. So I’m just suggesting that maybe honey being more natural and less harmful than refined sugar could have a role in reducing some symptoms of schizophrenia but in no way a replacement for medication unless one day some sort of medication were to be made based on honey which is a possibility of course.

It would just be something like maybe one day your symptoms are more severe and maybe a bit of honey could help in some way. I don’t have as many positive symptoms like hallucinations for it’s hard for me to test it out myself, but just thought I’d throw the idea out there and maybe someone might ask their psychiatrist if sugar can help to reduce some symptoms on a day where they are more severe.

It just seems curious to me that schizophrenia is basically like an experience on drugs and that some people who do them will ingest sugar of some sort to lighten the intensity of the experience.

I don’t mean to come at you argumentatively here… but no drug will give anyone a schizophrenia-like experience. Maybe only in the shallowest sense… Like I smoke a bowl of pot and got scared that my mother was going to catch me or demons were real for 20 minutes.

You can look into honey. I do believe it is just a complex sugar.

I’m a bee. buzz!
lol just kidding

I didn’t mean to offend by comparing them. I don’t want to get into it too much here, but I used to do a fair amount of drugs and in my experience some drugs are a lot like having schizophrenia, just temporary. Before I was diagnosed or even had symptoms I had a very similar experience where I thought that the floor in my room was a bottomless pit to hell. I basically overdosed on a drug that is like a cousin to LSD chemically. So no pot isn’t going to make you think your parents are aliens, but if you have a bad trip on some harder drugs then I’ve found that it’s similar.

Honey is just a complex sugar, but from what I remember it affects your glycemic index differently than refined sugar which is what appears to cause a lot of problems like weight gain which suggests honey may be less harmful than refined sugar.

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Well honey, could possibly help someone with schizophrenia because it’s a weird world and stranger things have happened. I mean, maybe peanut butter could help schizophrenics also because it’s such a weird world. (just trying to be funny and serious at the same time).

But I think that eating peanut butter, or eating honey, ingesting red ants or consuming sand paper might help .00000001% of schizophrenics but that they won’t help 99.99999999999999999999% of schizophrenics.

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I agree that it’s hard to treat something that is just an umbrella term like how Hinduism is actually various religions like Jainism, Buddhism, Shaivism, Vaishnavism etc… but was more just throwing the idea out there that it could help during a period of psychosis.

There’s got to be something that works right? In my opinion modern medication just doesn’t quite cut it, so I’ve been looking for either some sort of alternative or something supplementary. I read a study where cannabis was actually used to treat schizophrenia and it had positive results. Antipsychotics however fared about the same as no treatment at all. Which is hard to measure because it’s obvious antipsychotics work in some way, but the study was about long term relapses and I think that antipsychotics tend to lack on the long term side. The way I see it one day there will be antipsychotics to treat you during a period of psychosis and then something else to prevent it from happening in the long term. Right now I’m on antipsychotics and one thing for sure is they make you super lazy and unmotivated, which I deal with for certain reasons and because of a lack of any alternative, but they definitely are no treat.

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Basically antipsychotics are used in my opinion because they help treat psychosis, but psychosis isn’t permanent. So because we have nothing better, we put anyone mentally ill on antipsychotics and keep them on it so if it does happen then it’s already in your system to bring you back to reality. I believe though that being permanently on them is damaging, but like I said we have no alternative and no one wants to wait to be psychotic before being treated again.

Which is why as people who have schizophrenia I think it’s our job to give knowledge of what we think may work for us so that studies can be done in controlled environments to figure out what actually works and what doesn’t.