Honesty is the best policy?

I was 21 in a psyche ward. For some reason I thought I could understand and help everybody. I was pretty honest.

We had a nurse there who used to pick her nose and eat it. She would do it in groups. One day we were in group and there was about six of us and two nurses. One of the nurses was the one who picked her nose.

Sure enough about halfway through the group she started digging in her nose and eating whatever came out. I was looking at her and I said to her so everybody could hear it, “If you stopped picking your nose and eating it, people would like you better.”

I was just trying to help but everybody froze for about three seconds and there was dead silence. Then everybody acted like I had never said it and just went on talking. It wasn’t funny at the time but now it’s hilarious to me.


That silence mustve been awkward

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got thru about one paragraph of this.

You would do good to read novels, study philosophy, or take up chess.

Do you read novels, study philosophy or play chess?

yes. everything but chess, but have read great novels About it.

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See I told you so. I rest my case.

Honesty is the path to continued sobriety for me. I go off the path, I fall off the wagon. It’s that simple.

Don’t see why you’re criticizing @Daze, Nick is always very articulate. I had no problem understanding it.


That grosses me out. But is honesty always the best policy? No. In the movie “Born on the Fourth of July” Tom Cruise accidentally kills an American G.I. in a friendly fire incident. After he leaves Vietnam he goes to the family of the guy he accidentally killed and tells them that he accidentally killed their son. This information hurt them deeply and made them hate Tom Cruise. They were gaining some measure of peace before Tom Cruise came and “apologized” to them. It would have been so much better if Tom Cruise kept that information to himself. If someone has to unburden their mind they should go to a priest.


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