Honestly it’s comedy


It feels like people are commenting on me when i’m deep in psychosis. When I ask them about it they deny it so i have to believe them. The connections I make are nonsense anyway a lot of the time


Honestly, I usually don’t listen to your music but I enjoyed that!

Have you ever watched https://www.youtube.com/c/BigAlsFreestyleShow? I’m getting into it. IDK but I think you could do something similar to the Big Al Freestyle Show.

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Thanks for the compliment/feedback. I listened to some of the guy you linked. He’s pretty talented/having fun/cool autotune filter/good voice. Some cornball stuff but what u expect??? Lol. In the song of mine you listened to the chorus was mostly a freestyle but usually I like writing my stuff down.

If I were ever to take my stuff to the next level it’d probably be in live shows. I think that’s where I could really excel. And people could appreciate it.

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I think you’re just as good as Harry Mack https://www.youtube.com/c/HarryMack

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