Honestly it feels like I'm not medicated at all right now

Sadly this med combo hasn’t really been doing jack for me. My symptoms are completely as though I’m not on meds at all. I am very ready to change things up. Side effects and no benefit are very hard to deal with.

It’s almost like geodon’s effectiveness has been slowly fizzling out. Like it started out great, basically sent me into a hypomanic state, was keeping my symptoms away fairly well, and then it’s just gotten less and less effective at doing anything. Unfortunate but that’s how things go with these medications.

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You are an outlier if geodon does enough for your psychosis. For many at the end of the day it simply isn’t enough.


Why is this? Is it not a very strong AP?

You can’t put all your effort into meds. There are things you have to do yourself. You have to study your illness and learn how to keep yourself on a functional level. Meds can only do so much. If you expect to feel high and carefree from meds you aren’t expecting the right thing.

Oh trust me I know this, I make managing my illness a full time job. I know all the things I have to do to keep myself more or less sane which is why I want to go off an AP because under normal circumstances I get along just fine off one.

Sometimes medication is necessary though. My depressive episodes can often be spontaneous and happen even when nothing bad is going on in my life at all. They are very dangerous because they cause me to be in extreme pain and load my brain with suicidal thoughts. If I’m not on a good antidepressant that can prevent this one of these days I’ll have an episode bad enough where I actually try to kill myself. During these times all the coping mechanisms in the book can’t stop the pain.

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