Honest to gods truth

I need real answers, I used to be a hard core drug addict but never an alcohalic. I used to drink but never had sever delusions when I did that long ago.

Been sober A year and a half and would like a REAL HONEST answer.

Does alcohal calm or give you the capacity to not recognise delusions for the hours it’s in your system? I do’nt mind reseting my sobriety date for just one night.

P.s. I’m in no way drinking for fun

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Don’t do it. Just tough it out for a few hours.


I seem to remember it made my delusions much worse while it was in my system. That’s an honest and real answer. It’s adding fuel to the fire.


My delusions are worse with alcohol.

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Alcohol increases dopamine which triggers psychosis. It also diminishes the potency of medication. There are better ways of counteracting delusions…

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Remember It’s just one day at a time. As someone reminded me, we’ll get over today. It’s just a date and we’ll get past this.
Sober in your honor today at least.

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To late, I decided to do a test run before I go, and ya your right, it’s worse

Oh man… If I told you earlier would it made a difference?

Holidays are hard, but no excuse. Stop now before you get wasted.

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Thx minnii, I only drank 3/4 a schlitz. I am buzzing but not completely wasted. Gopefully it will ware off before family time

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You don’t need that. You’ll deal better with it sober, I’m sure of it.
Good luck!

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