Homestead anchors and wines

makes more sense than ever to turn our little acreage into a homestead. originally i wanted to garden on my lot, like for food., grow flowers on mom and dad’s lot along with grape vines for hobby wine and a couple hundred berry bushes so we could freeze and sell berries.

also i wanted to turn my barn into either a woodworking shop or a workshop to build guitars and mandolins. i was all about it at first, to work for myself. but have since soured on the idea and am thinking of moving to michigan or ohio or back to my hometown.

alot of people have a few acres, but they don’t do anything with it. maybe some landscape gardening or they just seed grass and mow regularly.

i would call my homestead, “homestead anchors and wines” do you like the name? or is it stupid idea?

I think it’s a good name. More importantly is a place that works to your lifestyle. I’ve recently had a mate who’se retired basically and got 5 acres up the coast. He doesn’t have too much to do nor the desire to earn more money so little things around his block keep him going. I think it would be a problem trying to look after a decent block if you’ve no motivation. I just mowed our yard and it’s only like 15 minutes work…that can seem a lot to me if I’m sitting around unmotivated.

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