Homemade Vitamin Water

Since there is currently talk on the forum regarding soft drinks I though I would post this. My son started drinking vitamin water which is good but he was drinking about 3 a day and not doing a lot of exercising. When not exercising the sugar content is not good as it’s not getting used. 33% sugar I think. So I started looking into how to make homemade vitamin water. Personally I don’t like plain water so this is working for both of us as I am now drinking water after my exercising and my son says it fills him up better then just water that he only needs to drink one glass to quench his thirst.

So far I have tried orange. Cut up 1 or 2 oranges, add water and let it sit overnight in the fridge. Add lemon or lemon juice if you want.

Then I tried strawberry and kiwi. This one seems to need to sit a little longer but I’m liking it.

Next I want to try apple and cinnamon or mango. Going to try it with frozen fruit instead of fresh this time and see how to works out.

It won’t taste like the vitamin drinks that you can buy as there is no sugar being added. Kind of like lemon water so water with a hint of … but I think it’s a lot healthier and natural. So whatever fruit you really like or combination of.