Homeless? Billings Montana good for disabled

I just read somewhere that Billings, Montana has like a lot of 300-500 dollar income restricted rent. I know a greyhound takes an ID and stuff, but depending on where your from www.forrent.com and trulia.com show that it doesn’t get below 20 degrees and happens to have a lot of mountains.

Gainesville, Florida also has a lot of 500 Single-Resident occupancy places.

I’m only writing this because I know homeless people exist

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I don’t know. I always thought of Montana as being colder than that because it is so far north.


They got mountains that change the weather a bit. They only get 8 tornados in the entire state every year Florida gets more


Hey, I get all the benefits of living in California and I only pay $600 a month rent.

I’m glad you like Montana. It’s probably too cold for my taste though.

We used to live in great falls Mt and it would easily drop to -40°f.


Do you mean negative 20 degrees?

Whatever source you heard is wildly off base.


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