Homeless Art

Have anyone beside myself seen the artwork of the sz sza undiagnosed homeless unknown living etc people?

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Alright now. When I was homeless, there were several guys (some girls too) who were known to be “artists”. I use the quotation marks because often their art was difficult to discern. Regardless, they were known and appreciated through the community, kinda like the “Emperor’s New Clothes” kinda thing. Their stuff was GREAT, but it WASN’T the copy of what it was supposed to be. I was a good friend of one guy, and he worked constantly. He’d go to the Library and spend hours and hours copying front pages from magazines. Only, his “copies” were produced from a different place. I feel the art of these “missed” folks shouldn’t be overlooked.


No, but I would love to see some. What you are talking about brings to mind outsider brut art.

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If I can track down one guy in particular, he’d probably be happy to let me take pictures of his stuff. He produces at a fantastic rate.

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