Home repair done by your self

how many of you have done some simple repair to your home are simple repair to your apartment or simple repair to your rentalthis year I will try to get some things accomplished that I did not get done last year like a cellar door replaced carpets cleaned and windows washedthings that I need to get done is put in a new dryer vent paint some walls and recode the cabinets with a finish so that they look better

Over the years, I have done a lot of work on my parents’ house. I have repainted almost the entire interior, repaired a hole in the wall, repaired damage to a door, replaced door knobs, put in a new tile floor, while removing the old one, repainted kitchen cabinets, etc. Now that I’m in school, though, I don’t have any time for projects like these. It is a good thing that I got so much done already.