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Have my first visit with nurse tomorrow. It’s an RN who will come to my house once a month to administer my abilify injection. I’m curious to learn what other home related services a nurse can provide for schizophrenia. Thoughts? She said we’ll be doing an assessment to determine what other things I might benefit from. Does anyone else have a home nurse who can offer some insight?


Sounds like a win for you. I don’t personally but have a friend who gets help through a similar program. Gets a cleaner for a couple of hours a week etc. Worthwhile checking it all out and hope it goes well for you.

I know there are such services.
Myself i go to a ergoterapeut and get my depot, talk, go to caffees and similar.

You’re still being nursed at home? I would have thought you’d have been weaned ages ago.



What? Im not nursed at home.

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I really dont understand your point?

You’re not the first person to not understand my humour. I’m not sure I understand it.

[ bites @Yellowdiamond’s ankle and disappears into the basement ]


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I believe he was referring to this kind of nursing @Yellowdiamond:

Hence the weaning comment.
I have no idea if he meant it for you or JudasK though.

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Now I have thoroughly destroyed his joke with an explanation though. lol.

Now I’m confused too.

Got milk?

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I once had a nurse come to me weekly. But, not for schizoaffective disorder, though he did check in on my mental health too.

I understand the joke. I’m not laughing at it though.

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I used to have an RN come to my home and administer my depot injections every two weeks. I had issues with taking my meds correctly so they would supervise my filling of my own pill box every week as well @JudasK

One thing they will not do is clean your house for you. That’s not in an RN’s job description.

As far as @velociraptor 's so called joke, no, it was not funny.

Polite disagreement. Also, nice ankles.


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@SkinnyMe thanks for sharing your experience. My nurse sounds pretty cool on the phone. I bought this metal lock box off amazon for my meds. I have so many pill bottles. I’m going to add that point to my notes for the nurse, about assistance filling a pill box.

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