Home-made Facial Moisturiser

4 tbl sp’s beeswax (melted for four minutes in microwave)
4 tbl sp’s mango butter (melted for another couple of minutes in the microwave)
2 tbl sp’s vitamin E oil
4 tbl sp’s almond oil
3 tbl sp’s olive oil

leave to set

Hi, this is my own recipe for home made moisturiser. It is really easy to make. Hope you like it!

That’s a good recipe,

But would be very heavy on my skin.

Do you do oil cleansing for your face?

For my face I literally use a facial wash from Boots. I use nivea facial wash but I am not fussy. The moisturiser is heavy but it is cheap and I suffer from dry skin so it’s quite good!

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I used to make my own moisturizers and cleansers until I got a little older and needed anti aging products.

It was really fun in my twenties and early thirties though.

I happen to be 43 but I find that I cannot afford any decent moisturiser out there. Hence I make my own! The anti aging product I could afford is protect and perfect by No. 7 or nivea but neither do very much! Sometimes I add essential oils under my moisturiser, specifically neroli oil which has a nice smell.

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No 7 is good stuff,

So is the homemade stuff you have.

I’m 36 and feel like my skin changed a lot recently,

It’s more dry yet still oily in some places.

I needed some special care, so I bought stuff.

But if I could, I would still be making mine, like you.

It is less expensive and more fun.

If you want a good homemade anti aging cream, you can ask your doctor for a prescription for Retinol.

That’s what I did.

It works really well, is cheap, and can be added to other creams in small amounts.

But you have to be careful with it,

It’ll burn the crap out of your face if you use too much or too often.

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That’s a great idea regarding retinol but what do you say to the dr? Mine probably wouldnt perscribe it for cosmetic reasons…

I just straight up asked for a tube of retinol.

My doctor didn’t have a problem prescribing it.

Yours may not either.

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