Home is a Full Time Job

It is though. And I’m not even a parent! I feel like when I come home for break I’m just exchanging my job of student for my job as eldest sibling. I’ve been up since early this morning for making gingerbread houses with my little sisters at school and then I ran errands with my mom all day. After that I was a taxi service basically and then I had to help set up/clean up after my brother’s birthday party. Now I’m going to be picking up my brother from play practice late tonight.

I am just very tired. I do want to help out my parents, but I would really like to get to experience a true break from everyday stressors like my friends from small families get to do. They’re all talking about how they slept in until 3 and have been watching netflix or cooking or whatever and here I am working my booty off for my family. I shouldn’t complain though, since my parents do everything for me.

The voices have been very chatty lately, most likely due to hectic home life. All nice ones though. I was complaining to them how it seemed like a cruel joke that we were forced to be monkeys here (ok apes technically) but they were disagreeing. They’ve just kind of been commenting on stuff all day and helping to keep me calm. Norda (one of the voices who I know, is personified) came out and was complaining endlessly and I was scolding her for it because it was obnoxious so she went away again.

Anyways things really aren’t going to calm down until basically January, because all my siblings and my dad go on break next week until New Years. So it’s gonna be a full, noisy house, and it’s going to be worse when my mom and sisters leave to help clean up my grandparents house because basically I’m going to have to run the entire house while they’re gone, for four whole days. It’s hard enough partially running it, I don’t know how mom does it. She doesn’t get back until right before New Years, and then after that everyone will go back to school and their normal schedules and I can finally -try- to relax when they’re all not home.

Also my parents are very tired and stressed all the time. My mom always complains about my dad to me and my dad always complains about his work to me. It just stresses me out because there’s nothing I can do about those problems.

For people with families on here, what do you do to stay sane (lol as sane as we can be) among the craziness of home life? I try to get away when I can but my alone time is always very brief because there’s either work to be done or a family member who wants to spend time with me.