Home Improvement Project

The Chickenbirds home loan came through just in time. They’ll be laying eggs soon and there were only three nesting boxes and I have five hens. I got one coat of paint on today and will do the second coat tomorrow if it doesn’t rain. I made a picnic table a while back and I guess I should paint it too.


Good solid work! I’m glad I learned to use some tools in my work career. No where near your level but I appreciate good handiwork!

Looks great and well done you!

Thanks Rogueone. I’ll bet you’re pretty good too. I’m really slow and deliberate, measuring two or three times. I had intended to use the square posts for another project but most of them warped in storage. I bought the 2x10’s and made the table instead.


It looks so good!
Well done @ArchStanton

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Thanks, Jedi. It’s fun doing this stuff and it gets me out of the house.

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