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you want to find a new way to save moneyboy I do there has been a lot of struggle these days was not just using coupons or store cards but making meals stretch longer what’s the last food tricks with paying bills have been quite the same to

Ok now I’m asking the question too are you struggling? Some of the churches give out food packages to those struggling if so. Nothing to be embarrassed about as we all go through hard times,

because my ex wife has my same last name movie of churches that she has gotten help from will not help me I find it highly embarrassing to go to many churches because they want to push religion a little bit more than what I can tolerateother churches help other people in different ways for example I heard of somebody getting a new muffler on their car your helpother places that I have been slowly help you every other year and not more than 24 person a monthSalvation Army quit giving out about yours for furniture and appliancesso I solely rely on garage sales for my basic tool and comfort needs