Home Depot

So i go to home depot to get replacement boxcutter blades and what was the other thing??? I was walking around just to remember what that other thing was when a worker asked if i need help. I said there was something i need but couldn’t remember. So i walked to the other end of the store. Saw wastepaper baskets. That’s what i needed ! I grabbed one and a worker said to me, “NOW do you have everything you need?”

Mind Blown.

Just sharing this because these are the types of things i notice and tend to overthink. Anyone else have similar experiences and how to not worry about them??

These type of experiences get me thinking that we are a small part in a larger mind. I think it’s cool on one hand, but on the other i feel like i am trapped there. It always makes me think way too much

Ahhhh I think of this sometimes! I don’t know what to say of this except during some occurrences I will just laugh or smile inexplicably. But I do go into overthinking mode at times. I just write what I can down or try to read a book that might explain these things.

[whoosh] Take care.

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I am afraid to read up on stuff like this. It triggers me. And i don’t know if it is real anyway. I am trying to focus more on facts these days.

It’s when a minor incident becomes Number 1 in the filing cabinet of my brain, instead of Number 102 where it belongs. That’s one of the signs that I’m sliding a little bit mentally and I try to remind myself to shake it off…no big deal…nothing there…etc.

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I think Carl Jung’s theory on the collective unconscious might explain these things, but I’ve never read his theories. My most recent book I’ve picked up is Evolution’s End by Joseph C. Pearce and he calls it “the soup” source.

Complicated read though so I have to re-read things over to really get a grasp of what he’s saying.

The first chapter is interesting though where he speaks of certain low IQ individuals possessing extraordinary knowledge but have no means of understanding how they know those things.

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I think it’s likely the guy was a people watcher - observant - of you + also of many other customers that had been in the store before you. He recognized your behavior - maybe had followed your approach and finally stop there. Sounds like he was pleased.

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its likely your perception, and that is just how the guy responded

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It’s likely only my perception? Probably so. I’m not a good reader of people. I tend to fictionalize, and not good fiction.

Oh no I meant the original poster. his perception