Home alone setting all alone in side my head

You and I do this offen . working out all the ■■■■ in are heads that schizophrenia puts us throw.

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It’s not an easy journey matey. Still. You do what you need to do to get by and you look for things that make you happy. We are tough peeps to deal with this as long as we have. Most people would be chickens compared to what we deal with on a regular basis.

Be strong my friend. We don’t do this alone and even in life you’ll always find a friend here. You will find them in life too but in the meantime. Keep strong.

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Today I made an effort to make my life better.

When I moved in this apartment, I was happy it was partially furnished. So much of my stuff had been either destroyed or was in line for professional cleaning. Ten years later, however, my space is filling up.

One of the things I found in this apartment when I moved in so long ago was a cruddy, two burner electric hot plate. I never even investigated if it worked. But today I have taken that thing out of the back of a closet and thrown it away! I please myself.



Cough up in house work I realized. I don’t have much of a life. But that only a part there are those that stop in looking to bug me. He’ll it brakes up the day so I let them. True is I need to work up my hobbys and spend less time wasteing. Time.

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