Home alone again

and I cant stand it. It makes me want to go nap on the lawn until the girls get home, especially after dark. I can feel the dark forces stirring and I am sure that I will have to use all my power again just to ward them off. It shouldnt be this way. I can barely move, I m so paranoid. Something has to change. Wish my meds would help with yhese symptoms as well as they help with the voices. I’ll take the voices back at this point.

I hope it gets better @Sherlock.

Thank you @SpringRose , im sure it will when the girls get home.

It helps me to turn my head to and fro, left and right just to keep the head (mind) working. Then, a cup of tea that you enjoy putting together just for your own happiness.

Thanks chordy, I’ll keep that tea in mind.

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Stay hydrated. 2 gallons of water a day.

Wow thats a bunch of water Jinx, Im lucky I can make it to 1 gal.

I drink around 4 gallons of liquid a day, mostly water because I like to. I have a dry mouth from the medicine and I feel it’s like cigarettes for me to have something in your hand and mouth. My GP says my intake of water is fine just no more!

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4 gallons of water a day is way too much and can shut down your pancreas. @Jinx @Sherlock

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It’s more than that. Here’s an article about too much water

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Thank you, yeah, theres no way I could come close to drinking that much.

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