Holocaust references

I for one am getting sick of people referencing the Holocaust when complaining about minor inconveniences in their lives.
It is in extremely poor taste and a horrible thing to talk about in such glib terms.


I :100: agree.
But I expect this discussion will be polarizing and end up locked.

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I agree.
It’s ignorance


Who is doing this?


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A bunch of people are from normal people, protesters all the way up to Elon musk are using comparisons to the holocaust to mask and vaccine mandates, any minor inconvenience.


I’m not too fussed.


It is definitely offensive. No way do these mandates equal nazi Germany and their treatmet to undesirable peoples.


I see.

Yes that’s in bad taste.

Maybe they need to read some history books…

Being asked to wear a mask and be vaccinated is for the good of the community

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That and calling anyone they don’t agree with a Nazi, like grammar Nazi, food Nazi, etc.

Being asked to not do something or to do something isn’t comparablw to over a million innocent souls being tortured, murdered, and dropped into mass graves.

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they’ve been saying for years, decades, don’t compare
when it’s out of the ballpark to compare.
I try not to do it as a Suspect Target,
but many do.

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