Hollywood’s Ryan Murphy: Champion In TV’s “Glee” For Diversity And Underdogs Appears Ready To Stigmatize Mental Health Care Workers


Good for public awareness…!!!

Yes, because we all know how all psychiatrists are cannibalistic serial killers thanks to Hannibal Lector. Oh, wait…

this is exicellent for public awareness if not presented in a twisted manner, but kept real to life.

The mental health care workers and especially those with control of the large institutions were demonized in the past ( and in many cases rightly so). This was what lead to Ronald Reagans decision to attempt to shut down so many of yhem and to convert to group homes in the community. That decision was also critisized.( And again rightly so as many were left homeless)

For those who are unaware, many people institutionalized with MI were used as lab rats. (yes up unto about the early to mid seventies). All of humanity is forever indebted to those people mistreated and imprisoned in mental institutions of the past, as they were a major part of developing vaccines and treatment for hepatitis. They were likely infected and treated for other illnesses too, but certainly for hepatitis. Those unwilling victims saved many lives. I consider them a kind of unwilling marter(s) of humanity.
Today we have more civil rights and human rights activist to stop those activities. Ethics laws are at least in place. Medicine and treatments sare more advanced. Staff are more educated on a basic level. There are more legal controls on larger clinics and hospitals in case of gross mismanagement and treatment.

I will see if i can watch this. It is good to see what Hollywood is feeding the masses about how thet should see us or feel about us.