Holistic health approach that I try to follow

I believe in living healthy in all the important dimensions, in body, soul, spirit and social relations. I love fresh, good, tasty food and drink lots of liquid. I take the meds that I need to take for my medical conditions them being titrated to dosages that I need and can tolerate without big side effects. Also, I take some healthy supplements. I dont smoke (anymore) and use alcohol very moderately. Besides coffeine and occasionally alcohol I use no other recreational drugs. I could do more of exercise but I have a pretty physical job where I am on my feet the whole time and moving around. Personal hygene and living in a clean environment is something I value a lot but I do not think everything has to be clean and orderly to the point of being sterile or being compulsive about it. Important for my soul is to limit negative stress, avoid toxic people and to seek the company of good, friendly and balanced people. I take plenty of sleep when I can and time outs and use any time off to relax and recover mental energies. My spirital well being I practice by praying and worshipping GOD through my saviour and redeemer Jesus Christ. This way, I try to maintain a personal living relationship with God- This keeps me fit not only for this life but also for the life after. Its important for me to be mindful not only about day to day responsiblities to keep a sane and healthy lifestyle but to see the big picture of what is the meaning of my life. I concern myself with a lot of spiritual and philosophic questions on day to day basis. Life long learning is important to me in all respects. I keep informed of important news on a daily basis and I read a lot of information on science and technology on the side. I am very family oriented and for me, my family is my retreat from the competiive and cold outside world. My son means everything to me, he is my pride and joy. I believe and practice respect for the dignity of all human beings. I try to treat everyone how I like to be treated myself. Politics is not so important to me, although I would probably fight for the values of freedom, pluralism, democracy and the division of state and religion. Party Politics is something I do not get involved and I dont judge people on that. I have friends from a wide spectrum of conservative to progressive. It doesnt matter to me, as long as they are respecting me and my opnions in return. These are some of the most important elements of the way of living a healthy lifestyle that I try to follow. Sometimes I fail to observe them and I pay for it in some way by loosing the equilibrium of health until recovery.

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Just thought about two more points to mention under this topic…I try to avoid porn as it has destructive effects on my wellbeing and relationships, I make a conscious effort to cut it out of my life. I have some set backs now and then I admit but I pick up the fight against it immediately. Secondly, I believe part of my holistic health approach is to have employment. The job I have is demanding physically and mentally, as I work as security man but I also think its a good job because my colleagues are nice people mostly except the usual few grim people in between. So I love the climate and its not repressive too much and micro managed, which leaves me room to breath. The work gives me a meaningful way to fill day day and to tire myself out so I can sleep good at night.